Friday, January 2, 2009

The Killer That Stalked New York (1950 ) and other diseases

Just in time for the new year, I managed to pick up a case of the crud that had me feeling very ragged yesterday. At first I thought it might be food poisoning, but I developed a fever later on, along with the typical joint aches that indicate it is probably a stomach virus. In a bit of serendipidy, TCM was running a 1950 "medical" noir that I had never seen before: The Killer That Stalked New York (aka The Frightened City) with the, increasingly less lovely as the movie progresses, Evelyn Keyes. She plays a woman who smuggles some diamonds into the country from Cuba, along with a case of smallpox, and unwittingly spreads disease and death wherever she goes.

Just what you want to see when you are feeling sick. :)

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  1. hope you get better super fast ...
    get that lovely wife of yours to make you some chicken soup. Nice blogging