Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub: Patricia Neal

I found these pics of the great Patricia Neal from early in her career (1949) on the Life Image Archive at Google. They are identified under the label "Bathtub City Chicago." Although several people are pictured, only Patricia Neal is shown IN a bathtub. They were photographed by Edward Clark and none of the people pictured, including Neal, are identified at all. Anyone with information as to what the term "Bathtub City Chicago" refers to is cordially invited to clue me in. In the meantime, please enjoy these examples of mid-century mysterious awesomeness!

For these and many more pics from this series click here.


  1. BOY!!! I have always admired Patricia Neal's acting in her movies, but this is a HUGE Revelation. After all, she was only 23, or close to it, when those pictures came out, so she was young in 1949 when LIFE took those pics.