Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day: It's the Pits! Sophia Loren's that is!

Having to work on Labor Day is the PITS! Not the same kind of pits as the ones presented here, but the pits nonetheless. A lot of folks these days find the female unshaven underarm to be démodé, but, obviously, Sophia Loren, especially in her early days in Italy, did not share that sentiment.

Here's a funny thing, I grabbed this 1961 candid picture of the glorious Sophia off the Life picture archive several months ago because of the hairy armpit thing, but, until I started working on this post, I never noticed the guy taking a whizz off the side of the boat in the background. Here's a closeup:

I suppose it's possible that, despite appearances, this is really not a picture of a man taking a leak off the side of a boat published in Life Magazine in the 1960s. I will let my gentle readers form their own opinions.

La Loren graces an Italian beach.

This is an early photo of Sophia during her modeling days in Italy in the 1950s. For those of you whose Italian is a bit rusty, the product she's hefting is canned marinated eel. Notice also the mismatched buttons of her dress and the safety pin strategically placed just above the top button. Great picture!


  1. A million times sexier than today's airbrushed Barbie dolls.

  2. Bravo Sophia.

    As for the guy holding the raft, the "stream" is reflected light from off of the railing. You can see more difuse reflections on his leg and on the rest of the raft, light from off of the glass. Besides the unlikeliness of the photo seeing print, the guy is not even facing the right way -- he is turned towards the raft and would be pissing onto it.

    1. After admiring Sophia Loren's armpits I noticed the guy "urinating" and got good laugh. Good eye on your part for seeing what was actually happening in this photo! It is reflected sunlight off the polished railing!

    2. super sexy Sophia... I love the natural look....

  3. I think the shaving for women but not for men thing is silly. Shave if you want, but it shouldn't be expected. Funny that only a few decades ago there was no stigma on hairy women. It's also weird that guys produce more hair than women and yet they don't need to shave.

    Loren looks very classy and sexy in these photos.