Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rub-a-dub-dub: Jeanne Crain

Man Without a Star (1955)


  1. I just saw "Man Without a Star" on social media recently, and was impressed with Jeanne Crain's bath scene. In an interview in 1954, she said that it was time to play mature women with sex appeal, not ingenues. At 29, she dyed her light brown hair red, and the result is the aforementioned photo. What a woman.

  2. Hubba,Hubba,Hubba. I have seen this movie "Man without a Star" and Jeanne Crain is smokin' hot!!!! This movie was in 1955 and I am right now watching 'The Virginian' TV show and they are basically using/ripping off that same story in Season 1,Episode 15. A redheaded, woman, owner takes over the ranch and there is a cattle battle about grazing rights and the use of barbed wire. A cowhand gets caught up in barbed wire and an older cowboy also shows the younger cowboy how to shoot as well. Blatant ripoff. I am surprised no one was sued unless the movie rights were owned by the same company that owns "The Virginian." The redhead owner in the TV show is attractive, but Jeanne Crain has her beat looks wise hands down.