Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bevy of Beauties: Ten Cents a Dance (1931)

Footsore lovelies Barbara Stanwyck, Sally Blane, Phyllis Crane,
Martha Sleeper and Blanche Friderici in Ten Cents a Dance (1931)


  1. Awesome. Can't beat this era, can you?

  2. Hi, I think I can help you identify a few of the photos. The mirror farthest to the left, the left side, second photo is Rod La Rocque, the third photo might be Nils Asther (with or without his mustache is hard to tell).The photo above John Gilbert is almost certainly Jack Oakie. I see Douglas Fairbanks Sr., John Barrymore and the mirror farthest to the right on the right side second photo is Antonio Moreno.

  3. That's not Martha Sleeper in that still - Martha was not one of the dancers in the film - she played an old college flame of Monroe Owsley who reappears in his life and complicates his relationship with Barbara Stanwyck's character....