Sunday, February 6, 2011

For the Boys: Bob Hope

Bob onstage with Frances Langford

with Frances Langford surrounded by sailors

with Frances Langford and Jerry Colonna at a military hospital overseas

at Noemfoor, off New Guinea

Bob with his radio sidekick Jerry Colonna

In these blog entries, we often celebrate the entertainers who gave of themselves to lighten the load of the service member, especially during WWII, but nobody gave more than Bob Hope, who spent 50 years entertaining US troops through WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

I found the above photos in a wonderful article on Hope's contributions to the war effort and how he came to play the role he did on the great America in WWII Magazine web site. (A must read for history junkies, like myself, BTW) Here is the link to the article. Well worth the time.

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