Saturday, October 29, 2011

Light and Shadow: Joan Bennett

Secret Beyond the Door (1948)


  1. Many of your pictures, including this one, are taken from - given that you insist that people credit you if they use pictures from your site on their blogs, don't you think you should at least list them in your Acknowledgements section as a frequent photo source?

  2. Dear 54558f68-028d-11e1-bb5e-000bcdcb5194:

    While it is entirely possible that I got the image in question from Old Hollywood, that is not in any way a certainty. I take issue with the notion that "many" of the pictures on my blog originate there, unless you are using the medieval meaning of "many" being any number larger than 3.

    You could just as easily say that many of the pictures on Old Hollywood come from my blog, since I have seen pictures there that have appeared in FNP in the past. The truth is, unless the photos are scanned by me personally, I don't usually remember or much care where I got them. The only times I am really careful to give credit is when I know that the photo is an original taken by the blogger. (like, for instance, from Terry Richardson's Diary)

    Truthfully, I don't "insist" that folks credit my blog for individual pictures they get from my blog and don't much care whether they do or not. I only added the copyright notice and the rest of it when I discovered some boob was re-posting my blog in its entirety, including text, without even mentioning the fact that it wasn't his. As far as individual pictures, even if I scan a picture, I don't feel any particular ownership of it. I figure once it's on the web, chasing it all around the web trying to make sure I get credit is pointless. You have to have the attitude that you are providing something for the world to enjoy and not worry too much whether everyone knows of your philanthropy.

    You were pretty careful to maintain your anonymity. Can I assume that you are associated with the Old Hollywood blog? If so, I wonder why you are asking me this, when none of the pictures on Old Hollywood are credited to any source whatsoever. Further, there are no general acknowledgements and not even a blog list on Old Hollywood. You did notice that Old Hollywood is on my blog list, did you not? The reason it’s on my blog list is not as an acknowledgement as a source, but just because I like it.

    So, finally, in answer to your question, I believe I will continue to follow the sterling example of my hero over at Old Hollywood in maintaining a dignified silence as to where the images on my blog originate.

    Thanks for your interest,

    mark- (not anonymous)

  3. I'm not associated with the OH blog, but the owners post on a messageboard I moderate dedicated to tips on restoring old photos with photoshop & getting high quality scans from old paper. There was an uproar over there recently where someone pulled several pics from your blog and claimed OH was taking credit for your scans & restoration work.

    In truth, none of the OH bloggers expressed bad feelings about your site and were just upset with the accuser. And the matter was settled soon enough by comparing posting dates and identifying marks. But after spending a few days dealing with all the wank, I was pretty annoyed and came over here and probably butted into something that doesn't concern me. I see why you're more free-wheeling about this, but I guess the time and effort that goes into fixing up crappy original pictures makes us kind of neurotic.

    And I don't know why I'm coming up as an anonymous # string as I'm logged in under my AIM ID.

    Nell Cattrall

  4. Hi Nell:

    Ah, okay. well I guess I understand it better now. Makes me feel a little bad that someone was out there taking up for me when I do so little scanning anymore, not to mention that I really am the biggest image thief on the planet. I've been away from home on business for several months and don't even have a scanner where I am staying. I'm happy to report that this situation will change at the end of next month and I will be back amongst my toys.

    If you don't mind sharing, I'd be interested in participating in the messageboard you mentioned. I don't actually use photoshop, I use photo pos pro, but I'm sure the concepts translate.