Monday, September 2, 2013

More Labor Day Pits from Sophia Loren

Two years ago, on Labor Day, 2011, I posted some pictures of  wondrous Sophia displaying European disdain for our American grooming customs.  Now, personally, I find ladies with a healthy pelt pretty attractive, but, in 21st century America, the unshaven armpit is even less popular than it was in the 1950s.

In my experience, the usual reaction to a lady displaying a little healthy underarm fur is a heartfelt "ewwwwww!"  A reaction that seems, if anything, more common from the females of my acquaintance than the males.

So, imagine my surprise when, among all the posts from all the years that this blog has been blogging along, that post has risen rapidly in the rankings and has, for over a year, consistently been the most popular.

Have I tapped into some heretofore unsuspected reservoir of hirsute axilla fetishists?

I feel, somehow, as if I owe it to myself to determine whether this possibly pretended revulsion for the innocent armpit is really just the beard of a closeted bunch of bushy babe fetishists.  It is, therefore in the spirit of experimentation that I present yet another bunch of tasty morsels from my vast archive of Sophia's hairy armpit pictures.

Rome, 1959
Don't think I won't be watching to see if this post matches, or possibly even surpasses, the earlier offering.  

Rome, 1959
If so, then it will prove beyond doubt that this is no mere coincidence.  Your pretended revulsion will avail you nothing at that point.  What we will then have is clear evidence of a love that dare not speak it's name!

So, stop hiding your passion and join Sophia in lifting up your arms in celebration of all this bushy goodness. You're not fooling anyone. Sophia and I have your number!

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