Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stay Calm and Carry on (Nurse) ...

 Carry on Nurse (1959)

I would not want to suggest that any of my time in hospital in any way resembled this swing into late 50's jocularity.  It did, however, involve numerous nursing personnel of both genders who were both competent and compassionate.  None in their skivvies, alas.

Ordinarily, I would reflexively make light of any such infirmity on my part, but not this time.  I will admit that this was a close call and leaves my respiratory system significantly impaired.  I'm still game though, so now it's on to rehab!  


  1. It sounds like you have had an extraordinarily tough time, I am glad you are getting better and I hope your health keeps improving in rehab x x x

  2. Welcome back & best wishes for a speedy & complete recovery!