Monday, September 1, 2014

Still More Labor Day Pits from Sophia Loren

Last year at this time, I told you, my loyal followers, of a little experiment that I proposed making to determine if your collective apparent love of Sophia Loren hairy armpit pictures was a mere fluke or the real thing.

You will recall that I had noticed that the original Labor Day 2011 Sophia Loren hairy armpit post had quickly made its way to the top of the popularity scale and stayed there.  Indeed, that post now remains consistently at the top of the list while the 2013 entry hovers near the top of the list.  (without, it should be noted, ever having surpassed the original)

Since it has become apparent that my loyal followers have a love of the Loren axilla that cannot be denied, I shall continue the tradition with another Labor Day installment of these heavenly hairy armpits. 

Feast your eyes, my friends, on these examples of "Miss Eleganza" at her loveliest!

I wonder if this post will make its way into the top 10 along with the others.  Eventually, the whole list could be nothing but Sophia's armpits!

Keep your eyes peeled, for I suspect we will be seeing more of the wonderfully hirsute Sophia next year, along about Labor Day. :)

1 comment:

  1. On some women, hairy legs look good. On Sophia Loren, her armpits, and that hair, isn't bad to look at. New revelation, here.