Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pretty Girls with Dogs

"Show me a magazine cover with a pretty girl, a baby and a dog, and I'll show you a magazine that sells."

--William Randolph Hearst

Audrey Hepburn

Dorothy Sebastian

Maria Perschy

Sari Maritza

Margaret Horan

Vera Ellen

Susanna York

Louise Huff

Janet Leigh

Donna Reed

Cyd Charisse

Billie Burke

Barbara Eden

Ellen Drew

Unfortunately, I am clean out of baby pictures.


  1. Mr. Clark: Who would have thought St. Bernards would be so popular with the beauties? Sure, I can see Cyd Charrise with one of these big, gentle brutes, and maybe Donna Reed; but Audrey Hepburn? Had her pegged as a poodle person. There may be more to Ms. Hepburn than I had imagined! Also, what a pair of gams on Vera Ellen! As for Barbara Eden, well, who even sees the dog! -- Mykal

  2. Ms Hepburn was really more of a Yorkshire Terrier type, as famously typified by her "Mr Famous." :)

    BTW, I've been going through your "Radiation Cinema!" and it is a wonderful blog. I've always enjoyed that genre casually without thinking about it much, but your thoughtful and thought provoking reviews certainly shed a different light on these great old movies. Thanks for the good work!


  3. Mark: Thanks. Noir was such a visual medium, the pictures posted on your blog are always eye-candy! -- Mykal