Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Pits, sans Sophia!

Giulietta Masina
Since 2011, your friendly moderator here at Film Noir Photos has seen fit to regale his faithful followers with pictures of Sophia Loren showing her glorious hairy armpits every Labor Day. In fact, the original armpit post has remained one of the most popular overall to this day. 

Juliette Greco, French singer, in August 3, 1959
So, here's my problem: After 7 years of hairy armpit pictures, I am clean out of Sophia Loren armpit shots. Very embarrassing! 

Silvana Corsini in Mama Roma (1962)
Before abandoning the tradition, though, I though it might be fun to feature some of the other vintage European film lovelies that have shown a willingness to "show the fuzz," so to speak. 
Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice (1949)
Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice (1949)
Those of you who are unfamiliar with the history of the Labor Day Armpit thing may find all this a bit confusing, so I have included links to the other bushy posts for your edification: 

Stefania Sandrelli

I feel every confidence that these temptresses will make you a hirsute maxilla fan as well!

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  1. Everything has a end ; just be happy of these extraordinaries post' s existence (and the pursuit of the others "normal" days). Thank you so much for your work...